Is a Landscape Master Plan right for you?

I meet with new and potential clients every day. As a business owner I want to provide the best level of service and detail to each person. This can vary though from client to client. Here are some great questions to look at when considering the investment into a landscape master plan. 

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Mowing…why choosing the right company matters

I get calls every week from people wanting bids for mowing their lawn. I often hear comments about how another provider is cheaper. That is when I start asking questions. Did you know if an employee is injured on your property and the employer does not carry workman’s comp you could be liable for the damages. 

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Getting rid of the Winter Blues…or Mud

It is no secret that midwest winters are rough on our yards. The repetative freeze-thaw, freeze-thaw cycles often leave our yards saturated, muddy, and torn up especially when pets or children are in the equation.

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